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Perhaps you have some favorite flavors in mind and you want to know if the fillings would go together. Perhaps you want to get a feel for the baker and also to see if her/his cakes have the right texture, moistness, flavor and so on. So, you want to do a tasting. Until the last 24 hours, I have never had any soon-to-be brides ask whether their $25.00 charge went toward their wedding cake if they booked. So, I thought I should tell you why I (and other bakers) charge. 

You and three (three) guests are invited to each taste all the flavors of cake and accompanying fillings. At a minimum, there are 12 cupcakes consumed during the tasting if all your guests showed up. If only you and your fiancé showed, you will leave with six cupcakes and fillings to try again later, or have others taste. I will make your fillings with fresh ingredients; if you wanted strawberry filling, I will use fresh berries and make the filling from scratch. This goes for all the fillings you want to try. I will make Swiss meringue buttercream to go with your cake as well. 

Let's suppose we divided $25.00 by 12 cupcakes, we see that each cupcake costs $2.08. Let's suppose further that each cupcake's price included, labor, cost for ingredients, an extremely small profit margin and overhead. Let's say that $2.08 will be divided by 4 (the categories above), I have charged $0.52 for each of them; my time $0.52, fresh strawberries, $0.52, my labor $0.52 and so on.

Let us suppose again that your $25.00 was added to your wedding cake. I have essentially given you (and three guests) a highly customized dessert for $0.00. Because the tasting cake is not being subtracted from your final cake (that won't work). 
That would be analogous to asking the server at the Cheesecake Factory if you paid for your dessert on this visit, would it count toward your next visit, if you decided to purchase (book) a dessert in the future! Perhaps this concept would work if the price for the dessert in the future included what was not paid on the current visit. 

So, I charge because I offer a highly customized service. I use fresh ingredients and I devote my time to ensuring that your tasting experience is the best it can be. And I charge because I am running a for-profit business, in exchange for offering highly-individualized attention and dedicated baking craftsmanship.

Lastly, I try to offer exceptional value for my brides by not offering free tastings on the front end, and increasing cake prices on the back end.

​But let's suppose we added the $25.00 charge to the overall price of the cake in the end. Let's base it on 200 servings, and with just simple math, we divided the $25.00 by that amount. The extra charge per serving is $0.125.  
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The most common question I am asked is about pricing - how much will it cost?. That is a fair question, so I thought I would talk about how cake pricing works for me - and maybe for other bakeries as well. Want to skip to the Pricing List?

SERVING SIZE: The number of people you would like to serve will be the starting point for pricing. For instance, a wedding cake would be $2.50 per serving, so if you wanted to serve 100 people, your price would start at $250.00.

CAKE COVERING: However, if you wanted it to be covered in fondant or my Swiss meringue butter cream, it would cost an additional 

FILLINGS: Many brides like to include fillings (fresh strawberries for example) which would also affect the price.

This birthday cake was made with my homemade fondant for the top layer and Swiss Meringue butter cream on the bottom tier.

This wedding cake cake was requested to serve 80. It is covered in my sSwiss Meringue butter cream. 

CAKE DESIGN: Many people prefer to have a custom design for their special occasion. A photo from my site, or from somewhere else, helps to gauge what the design requirements are. But those requirements will also factor into the price. The more intricate (miniature figures, sculpting, etc) will also factor in to the price.

DATE OF EVENT: The closer the event to the date of the order could significantly affect the price.  

So, deciding on the number of servings can provide you a pretty good starting point for cake estimates for just about any bakery. If you view the price list on my website darlascakery.com you can get a pretty good starting point for what your cake price would be. 
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Wedding Cake Pricing:
For cake flavors I have vanilla or vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon, red velvet, strawberry, carrot, and butter pecan.

Fillings (most brides ask for): strawberry, mixed berry, peanut butter, chocolate ganache, lemon or lime curd, coconut pecan.

If there’s a flavor  you have your heart set on I can most likely do it. Let me know a couple dates that might work for you and we can go from there!
Butter Cream - $2.50 per serving, which depends on whether the bride wants filling ($2.75), and is the same price for fondant. If adding filling to the fondant option, then the price per serving is $3.00.
Cake Tastings:
The way I do tastings is by letting you pick three flavors of cake (in cupcakes) and 3 fillings and you can mix and match. I do it here at the house in Highlandville.
There is a $25.00 charge for cake tasting that covers the bride, groom and two others. A deposit of $100.00 is required to lock in your date. 
<![CDATA[Referral Details]]>Thu, 10 Aug 2017 23:33:52 GMThttp://darlascakery.com/blog/referral-detailsRefer a bride for a 2018 wedding cake, and receive a free cake for the person who refers a booking bride! Here are the rules for the referrer:

1. Brides must book a cake.
2. The cake for the person referring will be one 6" round with two delicious layers.
3. Delivery (to referrer) will be arranged for a mutually convenient time.
4. Share about the bride you know OR have your bride fill out the contact form on our contact page.

    Referral Details